Check Out These Restaurants in American Fork
January 02, 2020

Check Out These Restaurants in American Fork

2020 is the year of new experiences — and one of the best experiences is trying delicious, new cuisine. These restaurants near our apartments in American Fork offer enticing plates in fun atmospheres.

Be sure to add these eateries to your culinary to-do list.

Nazca Grill and Fusion Cuisine

Nazca Grill and Fusion Cuisine is a Peruvian inspired fusion restaurant located less than two and a half miles from our community. That's less than a ten-minute drive!

Peru has been described by chefs everywhere as having the most incredible and delicious ways of cooking meat. There are vegetables galore on the menu, but meat seems to dominate.

La Costa Mexican Restaurant

La Costa Mexican Restaurant is an authentic Mexican eatery that is less than half a mile from our apartments, which is only a six-minute walk.

The food is filled with authentic herbs and spices as well as secret ingredients that have been passed along through the family. All dishes are prepared fresh and all plates brought to your table will be hot in more ways than one. Their only goals are to serve their customers to the best of their abilities while sharing their delicious food with everyone. They have daily specials that consist of their most popular burritos and there is even a special menu for breakfast.  

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