Fly High & Defy Gravity at Airborne Trampoline Park
May 16, 2019

Fly High & Defy Gravity at Airborne Trampoline Park

It does not matter who we are or what age we are, the idea of flying high and defying gravity is intriguing, a little scary, but we all want to try it. You can fly high and defy gravity any day you want when you live in our apartments in American Fork.

Fly High

At Airborne Trampoline Park there are 40,000 square feet of trampolines where you can jump and fly as high as you dare. If you are thinking that is just for kids, think again. People of all ages, in wheelchairs, and all levels of fitness come to this place to enjoy the feeling of flying high. You can bounce just to a short height, or try to touch the ceiling. When you are in the air you will experience defying gravity for a few seconds each jump. You do not have to be afraid of landing. Your landing on the trampoline will lead to another bounce, or you might land on the soft padded guards and just rest and plan how high to jump the next time.

Challenge Yourself

If you want a challenge beyond jumping, try the skip jump or the obstacle course. Both of these require a little more work than just jumping on the trampoline, but you will also experience more of that delicious weightlessness of defying gravity. If you are with a group and want to make it all a competition, think about a game of dodgeball on the trampolines. As your opponent throws a ball at you, the trampoline helps you avoid that ball. When you throw a ball at your opponent, you can throw from trampoline level, or jump high and try to hit your opponent mid-air. You will leave tired, happy, and wanting to come back.

Rivulet Apartments

As you can see, this trampoline park is one you want to live near. So, contact us today and let us tell you more about the park and how you can live in one of our luxury apartment homes.