Visit Thanksgiving Point for a Transformative Learning Experience
April 18, 2019

Visit Thanksgiving Point for a Transformative Learning Experience

Have you ever wanted to live in a luxury apartment home that is near a place you can visit year round and never get tired of going? We know the perfect place for you. Our apartments in American Fork are minutes away from Thanksgiving Point where you can have a transformative learning experience year round.

Thanksgiving Point is 55 acres containing the Museum of Ancient Life, the Museum of Natural Curiosity, Ashton Gardens, farm country you can explore, and a butterfly biosphere.

Museum of Ancient Life

In the Museum of Ancient Life you can walk among the dinosaurs and other prehistoric life. You will experience standing next to a dinosaur and realizing just how large they were and hear stories of when they roamed the earth. You can spend time digging for fossils so you have a great souvenir of your day. You can even enjoy an evening experience with the dinosaurs that includes a 3D movie at the mammoth screen.

Museum of Natural Curiosity

This museum is one of the reasons you will want to live nearby in one of our luxury apartment homes. There are over 400 interactive experiences that will keep you coming back weekly. You can experience a rainforest, crawl inside a monkey's head, experience flying a Piper Cub, or explore deep caves. You could come back every week and experience a new adventure.

Ashton Gardens

These gardens are a must see in spring as all the flowers are blooming. You will want to come back each week of spring and even fall to see which plants blooms in which season. You might even discover plants you want to pot at your new apartment home. There are 15 gardens that you can stroll through, or even rent a golf cart if you prefer.

Farm Country

You will not want to miss a chance to see the local farm animals. Take some time to relax, pet a horse, watch the cows graze, and enjoy watching the sheep run through the fields.


Your visit to Thanksgiving Point will not be complete without time in the butterfly biosphere. You can see the many species of butterflies and if you are lucky, one or two might rest on your head or shoulder.

Apartment Homes

As you can see, Thanksgiving Point is a place you will want to visit year round and often. Contact us today and we can tell you more about Thanksgiving Point and about your new luxury apartment home.