Celebrate Pi Day with Pie in American Fork, Utah
March 07, 2019

Celebrate Pi Day with Pie in American Fork, Utah

It's been ten years since the United States House of Representatives designated March 14 as "Pi Day." If you can remember back to your last math class, pi is 3.14. Therefore, it only makes sense to celebrate the 14th day of the third month of every year by eating pie. There are plenty of fantastic places near our apartments in American Fork where you can enjoy your pie pretty much any way you like it.

Pier 49 Pizza

You no longer need to drive 800 miles to have San Francisco style pizza. What makes pizza San Fran style? The sourdough crust! At Pier 49 Pizza you can choose from many different types of pizza, each with a name related to the Bay City. The Golden Gate is for veggie lovers, the Alcatraz has a little bit of everything, and of course the Fisherman's Wharf is topped with shrimp and crab. Choose regular, thin, or gluten-free crust. Fans rave about the cheesy sticks, but make sure you save room for dessert. Crust topped with brown sugar, honey and cinnamon, or strawberry is the perfect end to Pi Day.

Lucy's New York Pizza

Fresh, high quality ingredients and a very high temperature oven are what it takes to make amazing New York style pizza and Lucy's delivers it right here in Utah. Choose from their original creations or build your own masterpiece however you like it. Traditionally, New York style pizza has a thin crust, but ask them to Bronx your pie and they'll make it thicker (for a small additional fee).

The incredible dessert pizzas can be made with Oreos, Snickers, Nutella, Twix, and other candy combined with cheesecake.


$5 for lunch or dinner is an incredible deal no matter how you slice it. When you choose a traditional flavor such as cheese or pepperoni at SLABpizza, that's exactly how much it costs for 1/4 of a 20 inch pizza. Spend a little more and you can choose a premium flavor such as Hawaiian, three meats, or Buffalo wing. If you want to get really fancy, try a super premium or even a super duper premium flavor. We bet you've never had slow roasted pork on your pizza before, but now's your chance to try it.

Crust Club

When you want to enjoy pie in the comfort of your own home, look no further than Crust Club. Order online the evening before you want it and choose to pick it up in the store or have it delivered. If you choose delivery, it will be dropped off in a refrigerated box the next day. Then you can bake it whenever you want.

Pies include The Chickie Chow (similar to a chicken pot pie), The Breakfast (with eggs, ham, potatoes, onion, and cheese) and baby pies filled with BBQ and mac and cheese. Don't forget the dessert pies; get them filled with chocolate, Nutella, lemon, and strawberry or raspberry cheesecake.

If you're not in the mood for pie, Crust Club has other delicious options. Try the chicken fajitas, minestrone soup, or several types of pan meals. You'll never have to wonder what's for dinner ever again!

You have some difficult choices to make when it comes to pizza. Deciding where to live shouldn't be a difficult choice. We would love to have you as part of our apartment home community! To see our fantastic floor plans and luxury amenities, contact us or drop by for a tour. You'll love calling Rivulet home.