Explore the Natural Beauty of Timpanogos Cave National Monument
February 21, 2019

Explore the Natural Beauty of Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Established in October of 1922 is the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. This historic national monument is located just eight miles from our apartments in American Fork and is home to three separate cave systems easily accessible to visitors of any age. Nestled within the American Fork Canyon, this relatively small park spans only 250 acres. However, there is a surprising amount to see including incredible biological diversity and natural features.


For such a small park, there is an astonishing variety of animal species to look out for. Stroll down the bank of the American Fork River and see if you can spot a Brown trout or Rainbow trout. Explore the caves for cave crickets and bats. Take in the sights of the valley while looking out for reptiles including the sagebrush lizard, rubber boa, gopher snake or great basin rattlesnake. The elevation range of several thousand feet makes this park the perfect home for dozens of large and small mammals, birds, amphibians and many other types of animals.


The diverse plant life within this park is what creates such a suitable habitat for so many animal species. With elevation levels ranging 4,500 feet, there is a visually stunning array of trees, wildflowers, shrubs and grasses. Near the river at the bottom of the canyon you can take in beautiful cottonwoods and box elder maples thriving in the dark, nourishing soil. On the sunny northern side of the canyon, you can see the mountain brush plants such as the big-tooth maple and gambel oak trees which flourish in the harsh sunlight but require little water. On the southern side of the canyon above the cave is a scenic, serene grouping of sub-alpine plants including mountain bluebells. On the well-shaded south side of the canyon is a tall, strong group of coniferous plants towering over the valley below and creating excellent shelter for the canyon animals during the winter. The white and Douglas fir trees are particularly majestic.

Timpanogos Cave National Monument is just one of the many outdoor parks located near Rivulet Apartment Homes. If you would like to call our community home, please contact us today to schedule your tour. We would love for you to see firsthand all the wonderful amenities we have to offer our residents.