Discover the Best Steakhouses in American Fork, UT
August 02, 2018

Discover the Best Steakhouses in American Fork, UT

When the mood strikes, whether you're celebrating a special occasion, or you just decide to treat yourself, a juicy steak is something you need to take kind of seriously. You can't just randomly pick a restaurant and expect to receive a decadent filet cooked to perfection. Therefore, we've rounded up a few local eateries that know how to master the perfect steak near our apartments in American Fork.

Rodizio Grill

Rodizio Grill is an all-you-can-eat outpost of a Brazilian steakhouse chain. They cook their steaks to perfection, seasoning the meat lightly as to not over power the flavor of the beef itself. They have a tri-tip steak, a tender cut steak, a unique center cut steak, a top sirloin steak, and a chef's special that is sure to satisfy your craving for a juicy steak.

CoreLife Eatery

CoreLife Eatery is a healthy option if you want to go out to eat. This place does have steak, but it's a little different than your typical steak. CoreLife Eatery slices up their filets and puts it in bowls with other great food; you can get a green bowl, a grain bowl, a broth bowl, or a warm rice bowl. And all the bowls are customizable. So if you're looking for something healthy to eat, CoreLife Eatery is the place for you.

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse

Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse is a Japanese Hibachi restaurant that offers high quality steak in a couple different cuts. They have NY steak, Filet Mignon, and other beefs. The displays that the Hibachi chefs do will dazzle your eyes and the flavors they provide will charm your tastebuds. This is the place to go if you'd like a little excitement with your dinner.

The community surrounding these fabulous steakhouses is a very satisfying, welcoming community. If you are interested in learning more about the area, contact us and we will provide information about how you can join us and be a part of our community.