American Fork Steel Days Are Just Around the Corner
July 05, 2018

American Fork Steel Days Are Just Around the Corner

American Fork has a rich history of gathering together to celebrate its community, achievements, and residents. From as far back as 1865 when families met in a grove of trees called The Timbers for Timber Days, to 1905 when Liberty Day took its place with added events and often themed offerings. Liberty Days began each morning with the loud boom of a cannon shot off of Cemetery Hill, known as The Sunrise Salute.

In 1927, chickens won the spotlight and the local event became known as Poultry Day. They served 10,000 free chicken sandwiches during the event. All celebrations were off during the war, but in 1945, the mayor, feeling Poultry Days no longer reflected the local economy, looked for another name. With the newly built steel mill that employed so many, it wasn't a difficult thing to find.

American Fork Steel Days are happening July 13 - 21

Steel Days, the festival's name since 1946 is happening July 13 - 21 at venues all around the area. There is sure to be something for everyone at this fun, well-rounded event. Below is a small selection of happenings. Check out the events page for times and locations.


  • Garden Tours
  • A Horseshoe Tournament
  • The Car Show
  • The American Fork Symphony Concert
  • Discount Swim Day
  • A Kickball Tournament
  • A Quilt Show
  • The Art Show A Carnival
  • Tea with the Queen!
  • Steel Days Sing-off
  • Movie in the Park
  • Marching Band Breakfast
  • Big Show and Fireworks

Be sure to check out American Fork's Summer Concert Series. It runs throughout July and is a great place to relax on the lawn and enjoy the natural beauty of Quail Cove Amphitheater.

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